Seacoast Youth Advocates

who are they?

Seacoast Youth Advocates (SYA)

is a newly formed group of young adults, from high school to college-age and post-grad, working together to bring positive change to our Maine and New Hampshire communities.  Our mission is to develop a platform from which young voices can be heard as they act on dismantling systemic racism and inequality in the Seacoast area and in our country.  



  • Look to decrease police funding and relocate more funds to education and social programs 

    • Review local town budgets in the coming weeks and request that they are reassessed 

  • Resource Officers in schools

    • Are they necessary?

      • Would it be more beneficial to higher more counselors, social workers, or create the position of an Equity and Justice Coordinator?

    • Bottom line: They should not be armed.

  • Look to foster an attitude shift in what community care and safety mean, both in a broader context and to the Seacoast-specific area.  

    • Poll community members in an attempt to discern how people would like to define these terms in the Seacoast


(in schools and communities):

  • Educating the Educators and Curricular Reform 

    • Increasing workshops on social justice issues (so that teachers have an inclusive and clear understanding for themselves) 

    • Increasing workshops on how educators can teach social justice issues in the classroom.  This would include providing curriculum requirements/learning targets to the local school departments and State Departments of Ed. 

    • Teaching educators how to teach Black literature (oftentimes, white educators misconstrue/misunderstand these texts).

    • Bring conversations of racial justice into all core subjects in schools (not just history/literature) for K-12.  Formulating an interdisciplinary curriculum would make these conversations more commonplace in all fields of study. 

    • Developing inclusive, accurate, thorough curriculum (disrupting a solely white narrative)

  • Creating a more inclusive and respectful environment to welcome non-cis, non-white staff members.  Look to hire an Equity and Justice Coordinator to guide district-wide relearning and support students and faculty of color.  

  • Developing community-based workshops and modes of conversation to invite productive discussions about racial justice and promote learning for all ages.


March for Black Trans Lives

WHEN: Sunday 6/28 @ 3:30pm to honor the lives of Black Trans Lives that have been lost. We remember Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells, Riha Milton, Tete Gullie, Nina Pop, Tony McDade and others whose names we may not know. We as a community must stand up for justice and to honor these individuals who were taken too soon.

June 28th, 2020 is the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which is widely regarded as the beginning of the Gay Liberation Movement in the US. All rights LGTBQ people have now are because of the actions taken by Marsha P Johnson, a Black trans woman, and Stormé DeLarverie, a Black butch lesbian. On this day, we will be honoring all the Black queer people, and especially Black trans women, who have given us our contemporary rights today.

In line with the national demands from BLM, there will be a focus on defunding the police. We must look at divesting from policing and investing into our communities. We are working on a list of demands that will be released.


marching from Traip Academy. We will meet with a group marching from NH and end up in Prescott Park. More info will be available at Traip Academy.

We will have speakers at the event ending in Prescott park, as well as a literature table and snacks + water. Mask is required and social distance when possible. Please bring signs and noise makers.

There will be loud noises during this march. 


The march from Four Tree and Traip Academy may not be accessible for people who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids due to hills, but the route into Portsmouth will be. We welcome folks to meet us at either side of Memorial Bridge, about 20 minutes after the march kicks off.


We are looking for ASL Interpreters.


If you know anyone interested in helping out, send us an email.

Help us pay speakers for their time!

Wrong Brain, a community non-profit based in Dover who support unconventional, under-represented and emerging artists of all mediums in the Seacoast, NH, has kindly agreed to be our fiscal sponsor.


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